The Parlour was brought to life by an experienced husband and wife team, with decades of experience under their belt. They wanted to bring the classic barber shop feel to San Antonio and combine it with a relaxing and contemporary environment.

Our barbers:

Nghia | Class 'A' Barber


Co-owner of The Parlour, Nghia has over three decades of barbering experience under his belt. He knows how to give a haircut. He's an old-school, customer-first barber who loves to talk and build relationships with his customers. He is certified as a "Class A Barber" by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation and as such, is authorized to use a straight razor.

Nhieu, Class 'A' Barber


Co-owner of The Parlour and devoted wife to Nghia (left), she has been cutting hair even longer than her husband. While Nghia was taught the basics in barber school, she was the one who helped him perfect his techniques. Her quiet and gentle demeanor generally leads to her clients falling asleep right in her chair. Like her husband, she is also a certified "Class A Barber."